Chill Nàutic August 2011

Chill Nàutic

A spectacular sunset over Sa Conillera and some simple coordinates, thatis the image of the album cover of 'Chill Nàutic', the CD we introduced last summer. The idea of publishing a cd was born in the winter of 2010, when the club management wanted to celebrate the launch of the new facilities.

Ver galeria

The CD

The chill-out music CD includes twelve tracks mixed for the occasion. Reminiscent of ocean waves, soft and quiet  music that is perfect for listening while sailing. Most copies of the album were given to members and customers of the club, although it has been put up for sale in specialized stores and on iTunes. The CD features tracks by djs Lenny Ibizarre, Valentin Huedo, Chelu Garcia, The Mantis, Atfunk, The Islanders, Javier Ferrer 'Jaf', Trikel and Teabo. It has been produced by Ibiza Business Music and Plugtone.

The album was presented in August at the Club and it brought together all members and customers who enjoyed a cocktail at the new facilities of the Club.

  • L 38"58'N - l 01"18'W

    You can listen the album throught our spotify list.

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