A club with 40 years of history

Club Nàutic Sant Antoni was founded on March 31st 1973 by a group of friends who love the sea and nautical activities. Vicente Rosello Prats was one of the organizers of this first event attended by 140 people who were considered the founders of the organization. He was appointed as the first President of the Club.

A society without property, without facilities, without even a clubhouse was born but with a very specific purpose: to provide the Village of Portmany of facilities for boat moorings and sports in the bay.

The first transformation of the port of Sant Antoni came with the construction of the breakwater in the late fifties, to protect the port from the north, mestral and ponent storms.

Sheltered by the dock, at the end of 1973 construction of the first club pontoons starts. The first clubhouse was a hut that was the office and hosted the meetings of the Board. 

From this small facility the Club was managed for 16 years.

The 80's

In 1984 Mr Bartolomé Juan Cardona is the new President until 1988 when Jose Tur Torres takes over, still being the current president.

The 90's

In 1991 the first headquarters are built, which meant a very important step for the Club as it finally had a meeting place for members and friends of the Club.

The 00's

The philosophy and objectives of the Club have not changed since it started; to improve the facilities and work to increase passion for the sea in young and old alike.

Towards the end of 2006 the Government License was renewed until 2036. Later, the Club received permission to fully refurbish the facilities. This project finished in 2013 with the inauguration of the new headquarters and the restaurant.

The inauguration of the new Club was reason for great celebration, and served as a great opportunity to thank all the members for their support over many years of change. You can see the photo gallery from the inauguration here.